How to create scripts in Jmeter with recording

You can create Jmeter scripts any of the following ways

  • Recording using  Jmeter Tool
  • Recording using Blazemeter or any other tools
  • Creating Manually using Network tab or Firebug

Using Jmeter recorder is a bit challenging because you have to do some basic setting in the browser if you are using an office machine then it would be more difficult. I would recommend using Blazemeter for recording. Blazemeter provides you recorder plugin, which very easy to use. If you just started learning Jmeter than creating would also not be easier for you so better to go with Blazemeter recorder.

Steps :

  • Name the Project >> Click the Record ( Red Button )
  • Open the application you want to Automate
  • Enter the Test case /Transaction name
  • Perform all desired action which you want to create scripts | Recorder will automatically record all actions of users
  • Stop Recording
  • Export Recorded script in .jmx File


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