How to Manually Create Jmeter Script?

In this post i am going to show you how to create jmeter scripts without recording

  • Open Application which you want to write script
  • Open Network Tab in Browser console
  • Check Network request

e.g it’s Get Request

  • Open Jmeter >> Create Thread Group
  • Add Http Request
  • Create Get Request
  • Copy url from Network tab
  • Enter Protocol , server name and request type
  • Rename Request
  • For Post Request
  • Network Tab >> Post request Copy URL
  • Fill details same as Get request
  • Copy Post data from Network Console
  • Paste copied data in Jmeter Use Add from Clipboard button

Other Things to Add

  • Cookie Manager to Manage the Session
  • Http request Default for Single point URL & protocol pointing

  • Header Manager to Manage request and response headers
  • Copy request header from browser Console
  • Paste in Header manger| Use add from Clipboard button
  • Listener for Debugging & Results
  • Arrange the structure
  • Execute the Test and Enjoy

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