Logical Controllers

Logic Controllers determine the order in which Samplers are executed

  • It allows customization the logic that JMeter uses to decide when to send requests.
  • It can change the order of requests coming from their child elements.

Simple Controller

  • It organizes your Samplers and other Logic Controllers.
  • It having no functionality

Loop Controller

  • It helps to loop element certain number of times.
  • If the Loop count is 10 in Loop Controller and the Loop count in Thread count is 5, then JMeter sends 50 HTTP requests

Once Only Controller

  • It process the controller(s) inside it only once.
  • It execute always during the first iteration of any looping parent controller.

Interleave Controller

It will alternate among each of the other controllers for each loop iteration.

ignore sub-controller blocks

If checked, the interleave controller will treat sub-controllers like single request elements and only allow one request per controller at a time.

Random Controller

  • Almost Similar to the Interleave Controller
  • Instead of going in order it picks one at random at each pass.

Random Order Controller

  • Its like a Simple Controller in that it will execute each child element at most once
  • Order of execution of the nodes will be random

If Controller

  • To control whether the test elements below it (its children) are run or not.
  • If this is selected, then the condition must be an expression that evaluates to “true” (case is ignored). For example, ${FOUND} or ${  jexl(${VAR} > 100)}.
  • Unlike the Javascript case, the condition is only checked to see if it matches “true” (case is ignored).
  • Should condition be evaluated for all children? If not checked, then the condition is only evaluated on entry.

While Controller

The While Controller runs its children until the condition is “false”.

Switch Controller

Switch  Controller   runs   the   element defined by the switch value.

ForEach controller

A ForEach controller loops through the values of a set of related variables. When you add samplers (or controllers) to a ForEach controller, every sample sample(or controller) is executed one or more times, where during every loop the variable has a new value.

The input should consist of several variables, each extended with an underscore and a number. Each such variable must have a value.

Recording Controller

  • It’s a place holder indicating where the proxy server should record samples

Transaction Controller

  • It measures the overall time taken to perform the nested test elements very useful in Load testing

Include Controller

  • Test Fragments which can be used to make the test modular
  • Distribute the work across multiple scripts instead of having all elements in one single script.

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