Postpartum depression Talk it loud

It’s common to feel a lot of emotions, including sadness, after giving birth, but some new moms experience something heavier called postpartum depression. Let’s talk about it. New moms can be ashamed to admit they don’t always feel happy. Instead, they may feel sad, anxious, worried and even numb. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you don’t have to face it alone. It’s important to let your healthcare provider know how you feel and to have a conversation about how your mood is affecting you. Your provider can then make some recommendations that will get you back to feeling like yourself fast.


Published by Sushma singh

I am a life coach, specializes in helping women to feel more confident, discover their true passion, balance work and family life, gain financial freedom using the skill they excel in, attain a healthy body and live a more holistic life.

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