Breaking Out Of Your Shell Episode 3

Giving back is where you give, and then nothing happens. No benefits for you, no recognition, nothing tangible gets sent your way. Your biggest and sole reward is the realization that you’ve made a significant change in someone’s life. And if not “significant” then a positive change nevertheless. Having the power to improve the livesContinue reading “Breaking Out Of Your Shell Episode 3”

Postpartum depression Talk it loud

It’s common to feel a lot of emotions, including sadness, after giving birth, but some new moms experience something heavier called postpartum depression. Let’s talk about it. New moms can be ashamed to admit they don’t always feel happy. Instead, they may feel sad, anxious, worried and even numb. There’s nothing to be ashamed of,Continue reading “Postpartum depression Talk it loud”

Breaking Out Of Your Shell Episode 1

#motivation#inspiration#sushmasingh#stories Breaking Out Of Your Shell, Episode 1 If you want to achieve anything in your life, you must come out of your comfort zone. Fear is a natural and essential part of growth. Every time we consciously choose to step outside our comfort zone, the next uncomfortable thing becomes a little easier. So onContinue reading “Breaking Out Of Your Shell Episode 1”

Logical Controllers

Logic Controllers determine the order in which Samplers are executed It allows customization the logic that JMeter uses to decide when to send requests. It can change the order of requests coming from their child elements. Simple Controller It organizes your Samplers and other Logic Controllers. It having no functionality Loop Controller It helps toContinue reading “Logical Controllers”

JMeter installation & JMeter GUI introduction

Java required for Jmeter To check Java installed or not, in CMD run Enter command java -version If Java is not installed, please install java first Go to Jmeter Website and download latest Jmeter Binaries , please find the Direct link below Unzip the Jmeter to Local machine To run the Jmeter go toContinue reading “JMeter installation & JMeter GUI introduction”

Why Performance Testing?

Determines the speed, scalability and stability characteristics of an application, thereby providing an input to making sound business decisions. Identifies mismatches between performance-related expectations and reality. Supports tuning, capacity planning, and optimization efforts. Stress Testing To determine or validate an application’s behavior when it is pushed beyond normal or peak load conditions.   It’s goalContinue reading “Why Performance Testing?”